About Us

Family owned for more than 30 years!

Our Story

Where It All Began

Chef Mario’s family grew up in southern Sicily and were artichoke farmers. He credits his mother, the woman in the photo, with inspiring many of his recipes. “Just like Mama used to make,” he recounts to anyone who takes the time to ask him about his succulent dishes. Growing up he worked as an artichoke farmer. During the harvest “we ate artichokes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Made in all different, and creative ways.” No wonder one of Chef Antonio’s signature dishes is the Stuffed Artichoke!

“I love that I can continue to honor my family”
Chef Mario, Co-Owner

In the Spotlight

Celebrating 35 years!

We are celebrating 35 years of business this coming November and there will be some upcoming and coming news! Stay tuned!


What We Offer

Authentic Cuisine

We serve the best Southern Italian Cuisine in Mamaroneck, NY

Fresh Ingredients

We use only the freshest ingredients that are delivered to us daily.

Tasty Meals

Our signature dishes are unlike anything else in Westchester. Whether its pasta or seafood or pizza, you are in for a treat.

Creative Chefs

Our executive chef, Chef Mario, has an amazing skilled team in our kitchen to create delicious meals.

Incredible desserts

We have a variety of incredible desserts! Our legendary tiramisu, our epic flan, and our mind-blowing cannolis must be experienced.

Premier drinks

Enjoy a wide variety of wines and premier drinks with your meal or at the bar.